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One ex too many!
Posted By Admin, March 20th, 2015, in Relationships

I’m a police officer and earn a standard salary of which most of it goes on child support taking at source, I might add as my ex wife is a total money grabbing bitch. So it’s very rare that I ever have any spare cash for my self.

I started dating one of the new PCSO’s from the station, 18 years old dress size 6-8 and 32 dd, long blonde hair and beautiful, she wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk and our first date was going to be a night at the movies, 50 shades of Grey! You can see where I’m coming from for choosing that movie. I have not been to the movies for at least 12 years and I know I wont be going there for another 12 years even if my choice of movie did the trick as the minute we got back to the car she un-done my zip and then her lovely red lips wrapped around my throbbing tool.

Now as I arranged the date it would go without saying that I would do the right thing and pay for the night to be fair to her she did offer to pay half and in hindsight I should have taken her money and set a precedent for future dates, sometimes I just don’t think far enough ahead. The night at the pictures was totally daylight robbery and in my opinion the owners of this Odeon cinema should be arrested for extorting money! Simply for the prices they charge. The tickets were £14 each for a premiere on a Saturday night, popcorn meal deal 9.95 nacho meal deal 9.95 and a bag of M+Ms £6.95 the same bag of M+Ms on sale at my local supermarket for £1.99 so before I even sat down I had spent nearly 60 quid



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